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Red Rose Flower


Pieces- 1

A Red Rose is symbolic of love and admiration! There are no better ways of expressing your feelings than gifting a single red rose flower. You can now order Red Rose Flower online from The Morning Blossom.

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Red roses are meant to convey feelings, love, affection, and devotion. They are available in a variety of hues and are incredibly beautiful. Apart from being beautiful, they also hold various medicinal properties, as well. They are used for making fragrance scents, healing water and toning water. Order Rose flower from The Morning Blossom which is an online flower delivery service.

Symbolism: Love & Affection

Generic name: Rose / Gulaab

Botanical name: Rosa

Additional details:

General use:

  1. Rose is often offered to Gods and Goddesses as a symbol of devotion.
  2. Single Roses or a bunch of roses are often used as a token of appreciation and gift.

Medicinal use: Rose water has various benefits such as toning the skin and aiding in digestion.

Culinary Use: Dried Rose petals are used extensively in cooking. They are also used in deserts for garnishing.

Ornamental Use: Rose flowers are widely used as ornamental flower at various occasions. They are used in weddings, bouquets for gifting and even as single roses on special occasions.

Season and Cultivation (in India): Rose flowers are grown in various states such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

Rituals (Occasions/ Festival):

  • Red roses are often used for wedding garlands and festivals.
  • It is even used for home decor during festive seasons.
  • Red roses are used on a wide scale during Christmas, and also for Friday prayers.

Religion Aspects:  In Christian religion, red roses signify love and even as sign of Christ’s blood. Red roses are particularly used to denote affection and care in general.

Quantity: 1 Piece

Color: Red

How to store: If you would like to store a rose flower, we suggest wrapping it in a paper and then storing it in the fridge to maintain  its freshness.






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