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Lord Hanuman Pooja Pack


Lord Hanuman is one of the chiranjivis and if you are a keen devotee of Lord Hanuman, we have created a Pujan pack  for you to help you do your Puja at home!


Lord Hanuman Pujan Pack includes:

  • Arka Flower Garland – 30 Centimeter Length
  • Loose Flowers – 1 Packet

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Pincode field should not be empty!

Arka Flower Garlands

Arka flowers also generically known as rui flowers are offered to Lord Hanuman as it is believed that he can convert the poison of flowers and leaves. This is said to symbolize the strength and purity of Lord Hanuman!

It has also been mentioned that Arka flowers are used in the Puja of Lord Hanuman in the Parasara Samhita Hanuman Charitam, Sloka 5 of  Chapter 49.

In addition, loose flowers such as marigold, champaca, durva are offered to Lord Hanuman to symbolize that we are grateful for the blessings and prosperity that he has showered upon us.

Care Tips:

 To maintain the freshness of the flowers and the leaves, you can pack them in paper and store them in the refrigerator. You can store them this way for upto 2 days.


Arka Garland


Loose Flowers

1 packet


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