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Goddess Lakshmi Pooja Pack


Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. We have created a pujan pack to help you worship goddess Lakshmi at home or in a temple.


This Puja combo pack includes:

  • Lotus Flower – 1 Piece
  • Red Rose – 1
  • Yellow Marigold Flower – 5 to 6 Pieces
  • Ashter Flower – 1 Packet

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Lotus Flower (Kamal Phool) Significance

Scriptures state that Goddess Lakshmi resides on the Lotus flower which signifies purity and enlightenment. Goddess Lakshmi is offered a Lotus flower as it symbolizes that you wish to achieve prosperity with her blessings.

Yellow Marigold flower/Gende ka Phool Significance

It is said that goddess Lakshmi is particularly fond of the yellow marigold flower which signifies prosperity and positive energy which is why we offer her these flowers to seek her blessings.

Care Tips:

 To maintain the freshness of the flowers and the leaves, you can pack them in paper and store them in the refrigerator. You can store them this way for upto 2 days.


Pink Lotus


Red Rose



3-4 flowers

Yellow Marigold

5-6 flowers


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