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Champa Flower


Pieces- 3

Champa flowers are beautifully fragrant flowers that have long and thin petals. They are available in various colors that range from creamy white to orange and are often used in temples and as flowers for puja. You can now order flowers online such as champa flowers from The Morning Blossom, which is an online flower delivery service.

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Champa flowers also known as Champka or Champaca in Sanskrit are ornamental flowers that are widely used in India. Champa flowers also known as champa ka phool are incredibly fragrant which is why they are very popularly used in many products to add fragrance.

Floral Facts:

Champa flowers have long, elongated petals that are thin and soft to touch. This flower belongs to the Plumeria genus, and so the champa flowers are called Plumerias at certain places.

Symbolism: Beauty and Grace

Generic name: Champaca

Botanical name: Michelia

 Additional details:

 General use:

  • It is offered to God & Goddesses for worship.
  • It is often used as a source of fragrance.

 Medicinal use: It is known to cure skin diseases and ulcers.

Ornamental Use: Champa flower is widely used as an ornamental flower during home decor, and also, during various festivals in India.

Season and Cultivation (in India): These are summer and post-spring seasonal flowers. They spring well, in slightly warm and humid temperatures.

Rituals (Occasions/Festival): Champa flower is widely used during ‘Champa Sashti Puja’ and ‘Gokul Ashtami’ occasions.

Religious Aspects: Champa flower is considered to be a sacred flower for Lord Krishna. It is also believed to be one of the auspicious darts from the flowers of Kama Deva.

Quantity: 3 Pieces.

 Color: Yellow

 How to store: If you plan to store champa flower, it is recommended that you hang the flower upside-down in a cool & dry place.








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